Donor Development

We specialise in the development of existing donors.


As such we tailor our campaign preparation and calling approach to our clients audience and objectives.  Our campaigns will allow you to communicate directly with your supporters, find out what prompted them to support your organisation, and motivate them to stay enthused about your work.

We’ll use our passion, our creativity and our strategic knowledge of the telephone to provide integrated campaigns with outstanding results.

Our calling style is engaging and natural, not pressure based. For this reason we advocate and resource extremely high levels of fundraiser training, coaching, and support to ensure that the fundraiser leaves the supporter happy and motivated. This is why, time and again our clients receive great results, minimal complaints, low post call attrition rates, and happy engaged supporters too.

We also understand that these calls are not made in isolation so we make every effort to complement our clients broader fundraising plans. We always consider the context of the supporters relationship with the charity, the possible other engagement preferences of the supporter, and the potential to harness that support through multi-channel communication, some or all of which can be delivered at Pure.

We have a huge range of donor development products including Upgrade, Conversion, Text responders, Enquirers, Sponsorship Products, Gift Aid, Emergency Appeals, Legacy Calling, Box Holders, Lottery Givers, Payroll Givers and Major Donor Conversion.




To find out how we fundraise with integrity telephone 01273 526652 or email us