Respect drip

A guide to supporter-focused fundraising for fundraisers

Every call should build a stronger relationship between the charity and the supporter. This means that the quality of every call we make is just as important as the outcome. Building strong relationships, empowering yourself and the donor, and striving to achieve fundraising excellence are the essence of our RESPECT model.

R – Respect

E – Engagement

S – Structure & Compliance

P – Purpose

E – Enthusiasm

C – Confidence

– Thankfulness


Having respect for everyone we speak to, each other and the organisations we represent are central to everything we do.

  • Respect the supporter you are speaking to
  • Respect the charity you are fundraising for
  • Have respect for your colleagues
  • Have respect for your role as a fundraiser


We aim to engage supporters in conversation, and follow their lead when it comes to the topics of discussion. We don’t just read a script to supporters; we have real conversations.

  • Adapt your approach to the supporter
  • Listen and respond appropriately to the supporter’s side of the conversation
  • Maintain a two-way dialogue throughout the call

Structure and Compliance

Whilst we want to have open conversations, we also need to follow the proven structure of our call guides, and make legally compliant fundraising calls.

  • Adhere to all structural requirements of the call guide
  • Always deliver a legally compliant call


It’s important to keep focussed on why we are calling: To enhance the supporter’s relationship with the charity; and in most cases to secure a donation.

  • Be clear about the goals of each stage of the call
  • Explore all opportunities to reach a positive outcome

Enthusiasm for the cause

When fundraisers are enthusiastic about the cause, they deliver engaging and convincing calls.

  • Be fully engaged with the organisation you represent
  • Always be positive about the cause
  • Speak to supporters with genuine warmth


Confident fundraisers are trusted by supporters; they show them they have confidence in their skills, ability, and the organisation they represent.

  • Make confident, unapologetic asks
  • Be proud of what you are doing
  • Demonstrate that what you have to say is important


Let all supporters know that we are truly and sincerely thankful for their support, and for taking the time to speak to us.

  • Always thank supporters in an open and genuine way
  • Most supporters are happy to speak to us, always let them know you appreciate it

To find out how we fundraise with integrity telephone 01273 526652 or email us