Donor Retention

We can help you to fully engage with your supporters, and re-engage with those who have left or are thinking of leaving…


In an ever competitive marketplace if the right techniques are not used in previous communications there is a higher chance of generating supporter attrition or disengagement. We can work with you to help motivate and reinvigorate your current and lapsed supporters using a variety of techniques. This is not just of benefit in terms of immediate financial gain but also the long term relationship of the supporter with your organisation.

We offer a range of campaigns on the phone that will help you to build the loyalty of new supporters and remind lapsed donors about the value of their support.  These include:

reactivation calls; welcome calls;  update calls;  SMS response calls;  appeal announcements;  raffle & lottery placements; home money box placements;  survey and research calls;  polling and political calls. 

We can also support bespoke research programs and clinical trial work.

In addition we can interlace and offer new routes of support using our fully integrated email and mobile marketing platforms and digital offerings.


To find out how we fundraise with integrity telephone 01273 526652 or email us