Data Analytics

Everything hinges on data.


This has been our mantra from the outset and always will be, everything hinges on data.  This is also why we invest so much time and money into ensuring that our IT tools and team are of the highest calibre.

After 11 years and 8 million contacts we have recently completed the development of an incredibly powerful data analytic suite that allows us to deeply mine and correctly target our clients data to maximise revenue and opportunity for them.  It also allows us to provide genuinely useful insights – the kind that will add value to your database and campaigns for the long term.

Our IT service is flexible.  We work with your people to ensure that the entire process of data transfer is smooth, painless, and far more importantly – completely secure.

We are certified PCI compliant, and registered data controllers with the ICO.  We are also fully audited members of the DMA.


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