Campaign Delivery

Preparation and planning is a key element of successful fundraising

We know that for a campaign to work it has to be successfully managed from inception, through to delivery.

Our Campaign Delivery Team is unique in that we involve our IT analysts, Fundraisers, Coaches, and Creatives  from the very start. This not only helps us to generate a smooth working process but more importantly means we can then plan our calling  strategically to maximise results from your prospects. This includes the best style of approach to take, the best time to call, and the most likely profile of fundraiser to make the work a success.

Your campaigns are in safe hands, backed up by a strategy based on 11 years of calling experience, and supervised by an array of professionals who all play their part in ensuring that you receive only the very best results. You will also have direct contact with the phone room for live updates and recommendations.

And the best part is, if you want to, you can get to know them all.

To find out how we fundraise with integrity telephone 01273 526652 or email us