Some things never change


Habits and attitudes may change, but in all the years that I’ve been involved in fundraising and all the changes that have occurred, one thing remains constant and that is the human condition.

Essentially people don’t change; people will always want to get involved in something that touches their heart or with something that inspires them.

It has always been the fundraiser’s job to aid and facilitate the process of funding a cause that the supporter feels connected to. So, what motivates a good fundraiser? Aside from a pay cheque, the most common answer seems to be that they want to make a difference. I know that this is what motivated me to become a telephone and street fundraiser. The excitement of getting a pledge and knowing that somewhere down the line I was going to make a difference to a life, be it a person or an animal, continues to this day.

The sector has seen many changes recently which have had a knock-on effect for a number of fundraising agencies including the one I work for. I joined the company in 2003 in its embryonic first year and remember feeling a mix of apprehension and excitement. History has a way of repeating itself; we now find ourselves in a time of new and exciting beginnings, and I find myself experiencing those familiar emotions once again.

The fundamentals of making good fundraising calls have not changed; it’s essentially listening to the supporter and offering them options in terms of how they can continue to support whilst updating them on the most current work of the charity.

What I have realised over my time with Pure is that we have long placed supporters at the forefront of the conversation and we will continue to do so moving forwards.



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