What is ‘Supporter Focussed’ fundraising?

We introduced our supporter focussed approach nearly four years ago. Now it’s focus on honesty & integrity is more important than ever.

We wanted to move away from the old scripted way of calling, and have natural sounding, open conversations with supporters. The aim was also to ensure it followed our reputation for strong ethical principles, teamwork, and integrity.

We’ve developed and honed our approach over the years, but the creative has always been central to its success.

We don’t do ‘scripts’ at Pure, we do ‘Call Guides’; here’s a few of the issues we keep in mind when writing them:

  • No manipulative language, just passionate fundraisers. Honesty and sincerity build good fundraising relationships; supporters know when they are being talked into donating, and will cancel if they feel they’re being pushed. Always remember that people give to charities because they care.
  • We can make a difference! In fundraising we deal with incredibly serious issues, but as fundraisers we have the opportunity to help people make a real difference to the lives of others.
  • Give a clear and simple reason for support. Most people are more than happy to speak to us, but when we call they’ve often been doing something else – so keep it simple!
  • Ask with pride. The ask is the most important part of any fundraising communication. Working in fundraising we’ve all been told about ways of wording asks that promise to give bigger returns. But at Pure we believe that a straight, proud ask works best; too many words here just sound like you’re avoiding it.
  • Give supporters space to say no. We must always be aware that we’re not here to push people into doing something they can’t manage, or just don’t want to do. We avoid any language that makes people feel guilty about saying no.

This all shifts the accent on to the fundraising team. So at Pure we concentrate on building a team of fundraisers who are passionate about making a difference and who we can trust to get it right.

The strength of telephone fundraising is that it’s two people talking about something they both care about, and it will continue to work as long as we have the opportunity to speak to like minded people.

Pic of Tim


Tim Smart, Pure Creative Executive. 

To find out how we fundraise with integrity telephone 01273 526652 or email us info@purefundraising.co.uk