Opt-in Calling

Why Now?  80% Opt In.  That’s Why.

There has never been a more important time to review your consent approaches.  Every single fundraiser we speak to is thinking about the best way forward to future proof their database beyond GDPR coming into force in May 2018.

We are delivering successful bespoke solutions for a range of charities at present. The most popular is Opt In Calling *.  Offering clear, compliant calls that your supporter base would be happy to receive.  Our fundraising team are delivering 80% Opt Ins on this type of campaign, whilst continuing to smash their targets across all donor development campaigns this year.

We have some of the UKs most dedicated, loyal and experienced fundraisers and our current length of service in the phoneroom is 3 years 9 months. Our complaint rates have never been lower!

The financial costs for this type of calling is low but the impact on the amazing work our clients do is far reaching. Your data base is protected, you can demonstrate an aligned cohesive consent strategy as we move towards May 2018 and ultimately a call from a Pure Fundraiser will have a positive impact on attrition for your donors.

Lead times are short for this simple campaign and as a full service agency we can manage opt in strategies from beginning to end (including email, mail and SMS as well as phone).  We’d love to talk to you about how easy and rewarding it will be for your charity to set up.

*non TPS records only.


The average uptake of 80% for TM Opt-in speaks for itself and has been found across a whole range of supporters including:

opt in 1

  • DD & SO
  • Cash
  • High Value
  • Membership
  • In memoriam
  • SMS
  • Campaigners
  • Legacy
  • Eventers

Supporter Feedback


opt in 2

  • Supporters are responding positively to being asked for their preferences.
  • The overriding response is that they feel empowered.
  • Appreciated, valued, putting the supporter back into the centre of the calling
  • Even with a No they welcome the opportunity to discuss (instant refusal rates are
  • as little as 10%)


Loyalty Calling

Increased use of the telephone for loyalty communications helps to ensure the sustainability of the channel

opt in 3

  • The telephone can be used in enhance the supporter journey at a number of key points, not just at recruitment
  • Opt in for non TPS supporters can be captured at any point in the supporter journey
  • Appropriate timing can be determined by peaks in attrition and the “moments that matter”
  • Integration with other channels is advised to ensure a holistic approach


Additional Benefits: Attrition

Our results show that a loyalty call (which could be tied in with an opt in call) will reduce attrition by 27-33% opt in 4

  • Supporters called 4-6 weeks after Monthly Gift set up.
  • 33% reduction in 12 month attrition
  • Data sets:
  •    All New DD recruits
  •    Lapsed  DD
  •    New Cash
  •    Cold phone, online,
  •    Event conversion recruits


  • Reduce attrition.
  • Drive supporter satisfaction.
  • Increased responsiveness to subsequent asks (cash appeals, upgrade).
  • Opportunity to capture Opt In

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