Every call counts

Playing the numbers

roll-the-dice-craps-board-game-points-122427 Remember high volume telephone campaigns? Campaigns so big that you needed more than one agency to deal with the amount of calls, or your agency needed to take on more staff to cope?

It was easy for many people to think of telephone fundraising as a numbers game; keep churning out the calls and the returns are guaranteed, and with a seemingly endless pool of people to call it seemed it would never end.

And then it did.news

I won’t rehash the last 18 months in fundraising, debate where it went wrong, or ask why. We understand that those days are over; telephone programmes will be limited by a lack of call-able data and subject to greater scrutiny from regulators, the press and more importantly supporters, who will be listening to your telecommunications with a more critical ear. What’s important is how we respond to this scrutiny and this scarcity of data.

What next?

The answer isn’t to avoid the telephone. The telephone gives your cause a human voice and a human ear, and conversation never goes out of fashion. That only works if fundraisers sound like people and treat supporters like individuals. We can’t rely on a rigid script and ask structure, we can’t churn calls out on a production line.  We must ensure that every conversation has the primary goal of deepening the relationship between the charity and the supporter. We can’t play a numbers game; we need to treat each individual conversation as a unique opportunity for engagement.

It pays to be different

gummibarchen-fruit-gums-bear-sweetness-54633Pure have never seen it as a numbers game. We started with a small team of dedicated fundraisers, and as the team grew we developed our supporter focussed approach, because we believe that tailoring calls to supporters, offering them choices and engaging them in a dialogue is the key to building a sustainable relationship. Fundraising is about building relationships as well as raising money, because strong relationships will not just increase life time value; they’ll also increase the social capital of your organisation.

Our key strength is our fundraisers; experienced professionals who can talk with your supporters, not at them. With an average age of 46 and an average length of service of 2 and half years, they’re not the typical telephone fundraisers. Their experience is invaluable when dealing with your most precious resource; and it means we can deliver results whilst strengthening the bond you have with your supporters. Our fundraisers are the reason our campaigns consistently exceed their targets.

We’d love to meet before Xmas and talk through how we can positively impact on your fundraising in 2017, and be the first to hear some of the new ideas we have around the future of telephone fundraising. Why not drop our account team an email for a pre-Christmas coffee.


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